STOP THE COUPIST OFFENSIVE: Statement of the PSOL National Executive

The invasion of the National Congress, the Federal Supreme Court and the Alvorada Palace represents an attempted coup d'état. Bolsonarism continues to act with impunity, promoting this Sunday a kind of “Capitol invasion ” in Brazilian way. The leniency of the security forces of the Federal District, commanded by Bolsonaro's former Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, is evident. The Military Police inaction in the face of the coup escalation is widely documented. In view of this, the PSOL Federal Deputies and the PSOL National Executive defend:

- Identification and exemplary punishment of all those involved, whether terrorists involved in acts of depredation, or yours financiers, in accordance with the law in defense of the Democratic State of Law (Law 14197/2021);

- Federal intervention in public security in the Federal District;

- Immediate dismissal of the DF security secretary, Anderson Torres;

- A CPI Installation to investigate the negligence of the Security Forces in the CLDF and the National Congress;

- Convocation of the Governor of the DF to provide information;

- Immediate dismantling of the coup camps in front of the Army HQs in the capital and at the states.

Today's action reinforces the importance that there is no forgiveness for Bolsonarists who, inside and outside the Bolsonaro government, have committed and continue to commit new crimes against the Brazilian people.

PSOL will not accept this coup offensive without reaction. In addition to claiming that the authorities defend the Democratic State of Law, against this coup initiative we will be ready to defend the sovereign will expressed in the outcome of the elections with our action in social movements, knowing that popular mobilization is crucial to stop the extreme right .


National Executive of PSOL

PSOL in the Federal District Legislative Chamber